Criteria for selecting event spaces in Dubai

To choose the most suitable location for your event in Dubai, it is important to approach this issue comprehensively, responsibly and in advance. Despite the huge selection of sites, not all of them will meet your requirements, financial capabilities or wishes. It often turns out that the ideal places have already been occupied for a long time.

Proceed step by step and consider the most important selection factors. Today we will tell you about them in more detail.

Budget for the event

Budget is key. When you look at the event spaces on the website, you realize how diverse and interesting venues can be. And the financial aspect should be put first when choosing. Of course, unless you suddenly have unlimited financial capabilities.

Practice shows that most places offer a fixed price per guest. Some sites can be rented without regard to the number of potential guests. For example, this is relevant for exhibitions and presentations, when it is unknown how many people will attend the event.

Discuss this issue with the owner. Calculate how much the event will cost for the planned number of people. This way you will understand whether the budget matches your plans and wishes.

Date and time

Once you've determined your event type and agreed on a budget, consider a suitable date and time. It is very important to know when you are planning to hold the event and how long it will last. Otherwise, you will not be able to book a space.

Some venues are booked several months in advance. There are objects that have registered dates several years in advance. It is possible that your plans will coincide with others, and you will not be able to hold the event at the planned time.

When choosing a date and time, consider seasonality and holidays. Events held by competitors at the same time as yours can also be of great importance. It is better not to hold events on the same day as them, since part of the potential audience will go to competitors. It’s better to wait until their event is over and make yours even better.


Pay attention to where the event space is located. Guests must have convenient access for personal and public transport. Convenient location increases attendance and quality of service.

Think in advance about how many guests there may be. Small space and lack of parking spaces can be a serious problem and spoil the impression of the event. But too spacious premises are not suitable for small groups of people. Choose the best option based on specific indicators.